Tayla Broekman


Tayla Broekman is a Melbourne based visual artist who paints illustrative human and animal characters.
She studied a Diploma of Visual Arts, Diploma of Illustration and the Advanced Diploma of Creative Product Development. Tayla has exhibited in numerous group exhibitions in Australia and internationally, and has had 3 solo shows.

As a studio artist, she primarily uses gouache and acrylic paint, while her murals are created with acrylic house paint and spray paint. 4 years of working in sign writing has also informed her current mural practice.
Tayla paints pop surreal female characters and animals, who often reflect her experiences through an emotional narrative.

Though her concepts are expressed fairly subconsciously, her work looks at connection to oneself and others, spirituality and love. Colour palette is a key feature of each piece, using bold and contrasting tones to create a striking image