Klara Schöll

Chosen topic: Effects of social isolation due to the pandemic.

Nürnberg-born Klara Schoell (1998) lives and works in Hamburg. Her paintings are about the small moments of uncertainty, the short spaces without events, in which one does not know what will happen next.

They show impressions of demonstrations, of journeys without a destination. Other works show portraits of their fellow human beings.

It is the moments that often play no role in our memories that the artist gives space to.

Klara Schoell’s paintings are inspired by drawings, collages and short texts that she creates like a diary. The images are created intuitively. The canvas is first edited with gestures. It’s about color compositions that create a painting ground, on the basis of which a concrete pictorial motif then develops. This is followed by a conscious decision as to which moments are preserved and which are destroyed.

Only during this process does the artist commit to a pictorial motif. This creates a field of tension between impulsiveness and rationality, between abstraction and the figurative.