Alex Senna

Chosen topic: Amazon deforestation

Born in 1982 in Orlândia, Alex Senna is a Brazilian street artist who creates vivid expressions of human love, romance, and relationships through youthful black and white illustrations. Combining the languages of illustration, comics, and graffiti from the 1990’s, this artist builds a playful, almost poetic narrative, giving his works strong popular appeal.

His murals, observing human relations loaded with emotional baggage and intertwined with satire, have in recent years been lending a cartoony look to the streets of São Paulo (and many others). Using symbols taken from the imagination of children – hearts, musical notes, balloons, birds – Alex adds „color“ to his art which is markedly colorless.

Colorblind, Senna continuously used one color in his drawings and sketchbooks, which later reached the city walls, marking the urban setting with a simple and clear emotional visual flavor.
By transposing his sketches to city walls around the globe he ignites urban settings with feelings of love and happiness by exposing his viewers to the intimate lives of his characters. The art’s resonating black and white tones make his messages come across simple, clear, and straight from the heart.